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K.M. Walton, Abstract Artist

*K.M. was the Featured Artist on VIDA's Blog*
About the artist:
K.M. Walton has always been drawn to abstract art, the way colors and layers and strokes interact on the canvas creating something that didn't exist until the artist put it there.
Back in 1993, while living in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, K.M. had a personal renaissance. She wrote her first book, bought her first glue gun, and painted her first painting.
Once she moved home to Pennsylvania, painting took a twenty-three-year hiatus, despite K.M. quietly and secretly wanting to paint. Fear and doubt kept stopping her.
In 2016, K.M.'s wildly talented artist son challenged and encouraged her with, “What are you afraid of, Mom? Just go for it.”
Then her husband added, “Do it, take over the dining room and paint.” And so she did.

K.M. bought the basic tubes of acrylic paint and oh-so-tentatively put brush to canvas. She was still afraid. She decided to immerse herself in research, spending countless hours watching artists paint on You Tube, visiting artists' websites and Instagrams, and visiting local art galleries.
Learning. Developing ideas.

She was finally confident enough to really "go for it" and she hasn't looked back.

Hope you enjoy taking a look, maybe even doing a little shopping. Check back often as new pieces will be added frequently!

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