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Draw in color with the help of a built-in color palette. Choose from one of the many predefined color palettes, such as the year of your model car or the color of your team mascot.Draw quality lines, even in a tight space. Up to three lines per graphic symbol are dynamically drawn at the correct width for a simple, elegant look.Snap to dimension marks for more accurate drawing, such as X, Y, and Z references.Find and correct each mistake as you draw. View a list of known issues in the Issue Manager.Work with a wide variety of design files, such as STEP, DWG, IGES, and ICON formats.Annotate objects on your screen for more detailed communication. You can add text directly to parts of the model or a nearby annotation tool on the screen.Work with the best-known CAD software to create detailed, highly accurate 2D and 3D drawings.Discover new ways to manage your drawings and models by using our 3D design tools.Get started with AutoCADCreate your first drawing without any drawing experience. Use a new, faster, easier way to set up drawings, including Vector and Raster (2D and 3D).Use your mouse or a variety of input devices, including tablets and touchscreens, to draw objects.Animate objects on the screen with AutoCAD’s powerful animation tools.Work with DWG and other CAD file types.Get started with AutoCAD software and CAD design on the webDownload AutoCAD mobile for iPad, iPhone, or Android devices for free with no limit on the number of drawings you can draw.Get 24/7 access to with our free subscription.Start designing, creating, and sharing on the web.Work with Vector (2D) and Raster (3D) files.Create 3D models on your desktop and share them online.Get started with AutoCAD CADweb Connect for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac devices for free with no limit on the number of drawings you can create, share, and annotate.Design, collaborate, and share files with friends, family, and the entire world.Support documentationGet the support you need, when you need it.The AutoCAD® technical support team is 2be273e24d


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