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21 DAYS TO STOP BULLYING AT SCHOOL, middle school edition


Welcome to the 21-Day Guided Journal Series that can change a middle schooler's life!


Would you like your middle schooler to stop bullying at school? Would you like the bully in your middle school classroom to stop? The prompts in 21 Days to Stop Bullying at School, Middle School Edition will give the bully crucial opportunities to think empathetically. When middle schoolers are taught to think of other people—to think of how other people feel first—before acting or reacting, then those children will forever be empowered to think on their feet. And most importantly think with their heart and their head, which is the polar opposite of bullying behavior.

Click HERE to book K.M. Walton to work with your students, staff, or school district!

Let her help transform your educational space into an environment where kindness

lives and breathes.


21 DAYS TO STOP BULLYING AT SCHOOL, middle school edition                         CLICK ICON TO PURCHASE 


Age Range: 11 to 14

Grade Level: 6 - 8 

Hardback: 75 pages

Publisher: Camp Kindness Press (February 8, 2023)

Language: English


Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 inches


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