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21 DAYS TO BE A KIND KID AT SCHOOL, elementary edition


Would you like your child or classroom to be kinder, and more thankful, solve their own problems, open their hearts and minds, be their own advocate(s), inspire others and themselves, discover what matters to them, develop their path, and have fun?


The prompts in 21 Days to be a Kind Kid at School will give children the tools they need to bring more kindness and empathy into their daily lives at school. 


How will your child or classroom change in 21 days?

Click HERE to book K.M. Walton to work with your students, staff, or school district!

Let her help transform your educational space into an environment where kindness

lives and breathes.


21 DAYS TO BE A KIND KID AT SCHOOL, elementary edition                                 CLICK ICON TO PURCHASE 


Age Range: 6 to12

Grade Level: 1 - 6 

Hardback: 75 pages

Publisher: Camp Kindness Press (January 11, 2023)

Language: English


Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 inches


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