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Discussion Guide Questions for CRACKED


1. Who do you think had worse parents, Bull or Victor? Why do you think that?


2. Who do you think made the most personal growth by the end of the book, Bull or Victor? Explain.


3. Do you think Bull or Victor would have survived if they hadn’t ended up in the psych ward? Why or why not?


4. Who do you think influenced Bull the most? How about Victor?


5. If you met Victor right now, what would you say to him? How about Bull?


6. Put yourself in Victor’s shoes. What would you do differently? The same? How about if you were in Bull’s shoes? Explain your answers.


7. At what point in Cracked do you feel Bull grows as a human being? How about Victor? What makes you think that?


8. Think of one prediction you had while reading the book and reflect on it. Did it happen? If not, what happened instead? How did making the prediction and reflecting on it help you to understand the book better?

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