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Websites to help you on your journey towards publication:
*Note, K.M. Walton has no affiliation with these websites. She is simply paying it forward by sharing the links because of her personal positive experiences.

This website is a place filled with writers. It is free to join and once you’re a member an entire universe of information is at your fingertips. Want to check on the buzz of a particular literary agency? There’s a forum for that. Want to check on the buzz of a particular literary agent? There’s a forum for that. How about post your query letter or first chapter for peer feedback? Yep, there’s a forum for that. It is, hands down, the best site out there for writers of all genres.

This website is either free or you can pay a small fee to join. I was a free member for a long time until I read about what the paying member is privy to. Yeah, whoa. I joined. It is, hands down, the most organized site for information on literary agents. You can also keep track of every query letter you send as well as the result of the query. Invaluable tool.

Visit the online community for loads of incredible information. You can upload your work for feedback from members (sometimes even YA authors chime in!), enter contests, get exclusive content from authors in the YA community, and most importantly, strengthen your craft.

Read, "Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author" It's a grab-bag of information and helpful links that serve as a "writing basics for young writers". The site includes a breakdown of potential writing careers, education options and essential skills, self-publishing, book proposals, the editing process, etc. *Thanks for alerting me to it, Amelia and Mrs. Lincoln*


This article does a detailed comparison of the 10 most popular blogging platforms a writer needs to know about. It's thorough and comprehensive. A great resource!

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