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Coffee makes me happy. I guess the biggest reason is the way it tastes. The explosion of flavor, blowing on the steaming liquid and taking a small sip. Ahhh, that glorious flavor. I don’t need coffee to be awake or pleasant. I’m fine without it. I drink it because I love it. I drink it because it tastes so good. I’m not a flavored coffee lover – I just love a really good cup of coffee or cappuccino – I need the flavor of the coffee to come through. I don’t need French vanilla or hazelnut or mocha to make my cup outstanding. Nope. Just give me a steaming hot mug of coffee with lots of cream and 1/2 a teaspoon of coconut palm sugar and you will have a happy woman.


I love how the mug feels in my hands – how I have to hold it gingerly and think about what I’m doing. A mug of hot coffee can’t be chugged or sucked through a straw without care. No, it has to be sipped and sipped slowly.


Europeans have the right idea. Coffee-to-go is a foreign concept. Coffee is meant to be savored and sipped from cups and saucers, not slurped on the run. A sacrilege. I agree.



The lines of the poem were found in my brainstorm.

Try it. It's fun. I promise.



Coffee makes me happy
The steaming liquid
Lots of cream
Just a little sugar
Equals my bliss


I don’t need coffee to be pleasant or awake
I drink it because I love it
How the mug feels in my hands
Gingerly held
Must think


It can’t be chugged
Or sucked through a straw without care
No, it must be sipped slowly
Any other way a sacrilege

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